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Sara's Hallmark
1709 Keith St NW
Stuart Park Plaza
Cleveland, TN 37311

Phone: +1 423 476-4329

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We plan on staying open at least until the end of June

Thank you for 27+ years!

There has been a Hallmark shop in this location for 44 years. Mom and I have been associated with Hallmark for 30 years and have ovned Saras' Hallmark for almost 28 years. During that time we've remodeled 3 times and we've doubled the size of the store.


We've offered a wide assortment of products over the years and have always tried to find items that are appealing and not available in every store. We expanded our everyday and seasonal greeting card selection to the largest in the area.


Unfortunately, there just isn't enough day-to-day traffic to keep the store open. There are a lot of factors involved in running a business -- rent, utilities, inventory, taxes, payroll, and more. Over the past 3 years we've had fewer and fewer people shopping with us on a daily basis and seasonally. The availablity of  Hallmark cards and products at Walgreens, Kohls, Publix, CVS, Books-A-Million, and Walmart has made it easier to pick up a card while you're shopping. Hallmark is expanding its online presence and that appeals to a lot of shoppers.


Many of you have asked why we don't downsize. Reducing the size of the store isn't inexpensive and still wouldn't address the decrease in the number of customers.


What about moving to the mall or to the center where Target is? First of all, a move would have to be approved by Hallmark. It would also mean paying 5 times the rent plus a percentage of our sales and an assessed fee for common area maintenance and upkeep. Add in the increase in payroll and utilities and you would need even more people shoppping with you to stay in business.


Will Hallmark put another Gold Crown Store in Cleveland? Probably not. If they were going to they would have done so several years ago. We had actuallly talked to them about moving out near Target but they said it wasn't a financially-sound move.


The nearest Gold Crown store is at Hamilton Place Mall on the Upper Level near Sears. If you're looking for a good selection of gifts check out Linda's Hallmark in Farragut. 


We really appreciate everyone who has shopped with us over the years. We're very touched that you want us to stay open but it's just not possible.



Sara's Hallmark is an approximately 3000 square foot Hallmark Gold Crown store that was established on August 11, 1987 by a mother and daughter.


Locally owned and operated (not a franchise or part of a chain), we are the only Hallmark Gold Crown store in Cleveland, Tennessee and we strive to offer unique gifts and the biggest and best selection of cards in southeast Tennessee..


Our customers come from not just Bradley County but also Polk, Hamilton, McMinn, Monroe, and Rhea Counties as well as southwestern North Carolina and even parts of north Georgia! 


We look forward to seeing you!


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